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How Long Would It Take to Rebuild Your Life?

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The rebuilding has barely begun, but many families feel forgotten

It's been more than a year since the wildfires destroyed more than 5,000 homes in Sonoma County. But for hundreds of families, rebuilding their homes and lives has barely begun.

Did you know that less than 100 homes have been rebuilt? Or that thousands are facing the threat of homelessness due to the housing crisis, skyrocketing rents and insurance claims timing out?

Did you know that residents living in FEMA trailers only have until February before losing their homes?

Sonoma Family Meal continues to support families, couples and individuals experiencing the overwhelming task of taking care of children, dealing with insurance and building, working full-time jobs and the mental strain of everything on their plates.

SFM provides 4 chef-made meals for more than 80 families each week. That's 1200 servings packed up and ready to take home to wherever they are staying.

"SFM and the volunteers and staff have been an anchor to the kindness and outreach from our community. Not having to worry about grocery shopping and meal planning for part of the week has freed us up to focus on our long-term future. We have been worried and emotionally drained by the aftermath of the fire and having nourishment provided by the loving and caring SFM community has been so wonderful." -- Susan

Founded by Press Democrat food writer Heather Irwin in October 2017, SFM continues its mission to bring families together at the table.