Support Farmers Who Support Fire Survivors

We need your help with our Farm-To-Emergency Fund

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We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

We need your help with our Farm-To-Emergency Fund

Sonoma Family Meal and CAFF are Helping Our Farmers and Disaster Survivors

While over 75,000 acres burned, millions huddled in the dark and hundreds of thousands evacuated the North Bay, dozens of small family farms were arriving to our emergency kitchen to donate literally tons of fresh ingredients to help feed first-responders, evacuees and those in need. Now it’s our turn to help them, all while continuing our support for survivors of the devastating Kincade Wildfire.
Sonoma Family Meal and CAFF (Community Alliance With Family Farmers) are joining forces to serve families severely impacted by fires, including those who lost homes, jobs, income, food and more. Did you know that many workers received NO pay during the fires?

At the same time, we're raising funds to help family farmers continue to serve their communities. With markets shuttered and neighborhoods empty, many small farms lost the only sales outlets they had. Without power, food spoiled. Without access to evacuation zones, crops withered in the field.
Donations to the Farm-to-Emergency Fund will allow us to purchase directly from local, family farms to help feed those most in need, a double-pronged relief effort as the long-term effects of this disaster ripple throughout the next few months. Thank you.
About Us
Sonoma Family Meal has served fire and disaster victims in Sonoma County since 2017 and continues to be a disaster-focused operation that feeds not only first responders and evacuees, but ongoing meal support in the subsequent months as families return to rebuild their lives.

CAFF's mission is to build sustainable food and farming systems through policy advocacy and on-the-ground programs that create more resilient family farms, communities and ecosystems.